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Living Soil Food for Sustainable, Organic Agriculture


Crumble Pops

Probiotic Soil Amendment
with trace minerals and beneficial bacteria

Application Rate

Container Gardening Application

Sprinkle 2 tsp to the soil surface monthly. Top-dress or mulch if available to help create a dark, moist atmosphere to encourage mycelium growth. 

Gardens / Flower Beds / Xeriscape

Deep Soil Application: Add 1-2 tsp to the planting hole. Incorporate 1-2 tsp into soil surface at the base of the plant monthly.

Square Foot Organic Garden Mix: Add 1/3 cup Crumble Pops per 5 gallons of soil. Scale up or down as needed. Mix well. 


0.5LB $10

1LB    $20

2.5LB $40


Available upon request. Contact us for pricing:

Renewable Rituals' Crumble Pops- an organic, probiotic soil amendment used to aid in growing organic crops and as a compost accelerant.

Intended for use by everyone from backyard gardeners to commercial farmers, our family-owned company is one of the first to offer high-altitude IMO soil amendments in North America. We strive to make our products sustainable, always using organic, responsibly-sourced materials. 

100% handcrafted, this probiotic soil amendment rebuilds and revitalizes soil with effective microorganisms and re-establishes depleted minerals and nutrients.

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