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A Look at Our Indoor Garden

Take a look as we check on our indoor garden where we've been using Crumble Pops probiotic soil amendments, creating living soil every day.


Brian: Let's check on our Pops and the plants they're producing!

So far just soil, Pops, and a top dress that we inoculate and sweeten ourselves. Just want to go over some of the growth and keep you updated with the lettuces, and our strawberry which is ready to apply some Pops on top with the top dress, and this little gem which is a self-wicking watering system. Handcrafted, cost you less than $5. All we do is add water, and Pops on top. As well, we've got soil, Pops, and inoculated top dress. Guys, these are under LEDs and the growth is remarkable. Spring back in action, strong, vigorous, healthy. We're going to let the plants do what they want to create a living soil situation, and a self-wicking watering situation. And all you've got to do is pour water down the tube and Pops on top.

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