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Stress-free self-wicking watering system

Renewable Rituals' Brian M. runs us through the benefits of using a living soil earth box. Top dress with Crumble Pops and keep the reservoir full for a stress-free way to grow- let your plants decide.


Brian: So here's our self-wicking watering system.

There's a reservoir of water in the bottom. There's a hole on the side about maybe five inches up. In-between that hole and the bottom of those plants is about an inch to an inch and a half to allow an air gap so that the hyphae and the fungal growth can take over and allow these plants to really do what they want to do. Giving it the moisture it needs when it wants, and with the Crumble Pops incorporated into the soil it's got the minerals it needs when it needs. The plant gets to decide when that is. Under these circumstances, we pour water down the tube until it starts to come out of the drain hole on the side. That way we know not only our reservoir is full, but we're also exchanging water in there. To make sure that we keep things oxygenated we've also got an air stone in there. We've got a couple of them. That just agitates the water and creates a really nice environment for, what we're hoping, are its roots and everything else to take place. Let's see if we can see what's in here.

"Oh yeah!" So I'll work on our camera here guys but this is what we want. Roots are starting to pour out of the bottom of these, and at this point this plant's going to determine when it wants water. All we do really up top here is keep our top dress moist, and give it a spray. Spray it down simply with some water. What I'll do is incorporate our unconquered cultures or our microbial tea into this, and do that a few times a week. Currently we're just doing water. We'll just spray down the top, giving it the moisture it needs up here. Just like you would spray down the mulch in your yard. You'd have the irrigation in there to maintain the moisture levels it needs in the root zone, well here's our irrigation system. It's just a tub full of water. These plants are in soil. They've had Crumble Pops and our inoculated top dress. We're using coco that we soak in our unconquered cultures and let those ferment, and top dress. That allows the retention of moisture and a happy microbial root zone underneath there.

It's simple guys. This is simple at this point, it's water down the tube and spray. Nothing else fancy. This growth really speaks for itself. These plants are really happy and they just get to decide what they want to do here. We'll give them a little prune and clean out some of this stuff inside here and make sure that they'll be ready for flowering. We'll keep you posted as these flower. Might as well see what they do and see the benefits of a simple system like this which takes really all the stress off the grower. This tends to be one of the things we like to create for ourselves with overly-intricated grow regiments and all the parts and pieces. Well, here all the parts and pieces are in the soil. The minerals are there. The bacteria is there. The plant gets to decide, and clearly at that point they really speak for themselves. These plants aren't much more than a month old and they're relaxed. They're healthy. This growth is dark and vigorous. I'll put a link up of some of the systems I've been around and the results that they do so we're very familiar with all of those things combined. At this point, this is really simple. Under these LED lights, which this one has got to be a ten year old T5, we're getting outstanding growth and development. Clean and simple. Anybody can do this. Pour water down the tube, and it comes out the hole. The soil does the rest, and the plant is able to decide. Keep 'em Poppin'!

>>>Link to our photo gallery of our results different systems mentioned in the video:

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