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Living Soil Plants with Crumble Pops

Renewable Rituals' Brian M. goes over the growth seen in plants growing in living soil. Benefits such as water retention and resilience against pests and fungus can be seen when growing in traditional pots with Crumble Pops.


Brian: Same thing here. You don't need a self-wicking watering system. These are plants that are in pots with soil and rocks on the bottom, Pops on top, and are top dressed. Similarly with these, with the incorporation of Pops, they don't need as much water as you may be used to...or I may be used to. These hold well. Most of the time, coming in with some water, giving them a spray. Coming in with your unconquered cultures or your microbial tea, giving them a spray. Activating the beneficial bacteria. Making sure never to wash out anything that's happening down inside that living soil.

The whole idea with this is not having to use as much water. Allowing all things in the soil to do what they need to do on their own. The growth and development here speaks for itself. These are under LED lights. This is a nicer LED film. Again, it runs very very low amperage. Costs very very little to run. With a bag of Crumble Pops, some soil from your back yard, top dress. If you've got something you can inoculate and use, great. If not, just like outside again, you've got mulch, Here we're using a coco.

Use whatever you need to on top. A little diatomaceous earth. Keep it moist, allowing it to dry a little. You might come like now and it's sort of nice light tan. Really looks great. This plant is not really calling for anything. Again, we're looking for happy. We're looking for relaxed.

This plant is doing its thing. These leaves are speaking for themselves. It has just had the ability to decide, "This is what I want to do."

Crumble Pops reincorporating all the things we need into that soil, whether it's from your back yard or a local source you trust and approve.

These are all the things a plant needs to develop, also giving it a very strong immunity. It becomes very resistant to some of the things we hate to mention and hate to talk about. Incorporate Pops into these plants every few weeks. Removing your top dress a little bit to the side, take a 1/3 of a cup to 1/4 cup, scratch it in. Re-top dress, spray it down. Maybe once, maybe twice a week coming in and if they're really calling for some water, you can spray down the surface here. What I like to do is take that spray bottle after I've given them a spray, and just gently giving them a little bit of water. That plant's gonna just be happy. Nothing's overdoing it. These plants always remain relaxed, They grow quickly, and they're strong.

Now, what we'd like to do, and we'll try to do with you guys, is plug some of these into one of these. We've gone over the maintenance of this. Basically just spraying down the top dress or your mulch as you might do through the summertime. Never really overwatering. Never really being able to create those mistakes we like to always create sometimes. Whether you've got a Tupperware laying around or not, I think they're pretty easy to come by. We'll build one of those together. We'll show you just how easy it is to plug it in and put it together. But here, this all really just speaks for itself. Outstanding growth and development. Strong and vigorous. These plants as well maybe a couple of weeks older here, and these were actually seeds. They've been propagated and currently they're just doing their thing. Happy, happy. Even if you don't have a self-watering wicking system, happy, happy. If they're looking a little too relaxed, go ahead and give them a drink.

Spray down the top, and always reincorporate with Crumble Pops!

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