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Applying Crumble Pops

Pops helped us bring back this little strawberry from the brink. Sprinkling Crumble Pops on top of your plants' roots can help restore and rejuvenate indoor and outdoor plants with our complete soil amendment.


Brian: So let's apply Crumble Pops. 1/3-1/4 cup today on our strawberry brought to us a month ago. We'll post pictures of what she looked like upon arrival. She's now sprouted in the soil she came up in. We're going to put our Pops on top- like that. Gonna kind of scratch them in, and mix some of the soil in it as well. Then, just spray it down. Don't want to do too much, don't want to overwater. Crumble Pops help in water retention and they aid in restoring mineral depleted soils. The biochar increases its ability for carbon restoration as well- a fully-rounded soil amendment. At this point we'll add some top dress which we inoculate here. Mulch, top dress, basically anything to create a barrier from the sun or from the lights. To also aid in helping create that super-beneficial microbial zone that our Crumble Pops also help to activate. We will continue to top dress all around here and sprinkle in Crumble Pops on top, scratch them in, top dress. At that point, you're generally just spraying these plants making sure that your moisture levels don't get too low down below. But that's when this self-watering system comes in and we even let the plants decide at that point even more what they want to do.

Pops on top- keep 'em poppin.

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